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on September 9, 2020

We’re always ready to give our customers more sophisticated, easier to use tools for their online marketing. A crucial tool for any business is a CRM. We wanted a CRM that could live inside WordPress, and chose UkuuPeople.

The Simple CRM for WordPress

When we discovered the UkuuPeople CRM, we quickly purchased a developer license and began testing their slick Mailchimp sync. We were so bleeding edge the sync had a major bug that deleted users from Mailchimp by accident! UkuuPeople was very fast to respond and all was well.

UkuuPeople is a CRM that lives within WordPress

The UkuuPeople CRM was basic, but that’s a good thing. A lot of CRMs on there are bogged down with tracking deals, invoices, etc. We just wanted something to help nurture relationships. Ukuu had promising things on the timeline like custom fields, which are imperative for supporting niche markets.

The Abandonment of Simple

Fast forward to 2019: UkuuPeople has been abandoned. First their developer licenses became much more expensive, and we couldn’t contact anyone at the company without paying a minimum of $99 for support. Then the all too familiar warning sign showed up at

The sign of death for any WordPress plugin — No release in the last 3 years.

Our Bold New Move

What to do? Should we search for a replacement and hope the same thing doesn’t happen again? Forget that! We decided to do something a little more bold. What?

We started another company and developed a CRM.

Oh man! So how did that go?

It took more time and money than we anticipated, but we’re very proud of the product! It’s called Follow Hook, because business is about more than the hook. It’s about the follow-up.

So How Do They Compare?

Let’s get to the meat of this article: How does UkuuPeople compare to Follow Hook? Let’s take a look at some key features!


Both allow you to add normal details for your contacts. Both allow you to add touchpoints directly from the person document.

UkuuPeople allows you to add not just people but organizations. However their contact fields are locked in to general data such as address, phone, email, etc. They do not offer default GDPR info.

Follow Hook allows you to create custom fields. This allows you to store data unique to your specific business! This CRM also has a GDPR field for compliance with these new regulations.


Both CRMs support easily creating people and touchpoints. Both allow you to assign a touchpoint to someone else on your team.

UkuuPeople allows you to create new touchpoint types with color labels while Follow Hook supports a pre-defined list of touchpoints (phone, meeting, text, email and general).

Follow Hook allows you to set a touchpoint type as person or campaign. Campaign touchpoints can then be added to Follow Hook automation.

Touchpoints can be schedule so a to-do item never slips through the cracks!

Opt-In Forms

A crucial integration for any CRM is of course opt-in forms. Both plugins allow you to map opt-in forms to customer data in the CRM as well as add people to a group when they opt-in.

UkuuPeople uses GravityForms (which costs) and it’s a paid Ukuu add-on. They have no GDPR support.

Follow Hook uses the free Contact Form 7 plugin and no add-on is required. You can map CF7 fields to your Follow Hook custom fields as well!

Groups & Tags

Another key point of a CRM is organizing people.

UkuuPeople allows you to create both Tribe and Tag taxonomies. We’re assuming the idea behind these is macro and micro grouping.

Follow Hook allows you to add people to Groups. They have Tags and Segments on their feature roadmap.


Follow Hook Campaigns offer touchpoint automation that can be associated with any group of contacts. Have a series of tasks you’d like to new for each new customer? This is your answer! Campaigns are part of the Follow Hook Pro add-on.

ConvertKit tags can be tied to Follow bringing the power of their automation to your CRM!

3rd Party Automation

Both of these WordPress CRMs embrace the idea of not reinventing the wheel, but offer access to 3rd party tools.

UkuuPeople offers Mailchimp sync and Google Calendar sync. Each of these is a seperate add-on.

Follow Hook offers Mailchimp, ConvertKit and Project Broadcast sync with Google Calendar on their roadmap. All 3rd party integrations come standard with Follow Hook Pro.

Pro Version, Training & Support

Both plugins offer pro add-ons, support and training. They are packaged quite differently however.

UkuuPeople charges separately for different add-ons and support. They do offer a handful of training videos on YouTube, but this is very limited. Support alone has a $199 annual price tag.

Follow Hook includes all add-ons, support and an online university as a single product. At the time of this blog post, their introductory cost is only $47 for everything! Support is handling in a private support forum and their training covers even 3rd party how-to’s!

UkuuPeople vs Follow Hook

We’re excited about the features and potential of Follow Hook, and this is just the beginning! If you’re after a WordPress CRM that focuses on nurturing relationships, we think Follow Hook is the right choice!

To see an example of tying a Contact Form 7 opt-in form to Follow Hook, and then passing that information onto ConvertKit, watch the video below:

This video gives an example of integrating Follow Hook with CF7 & ConvertKit!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog, and specifically this post about WordPress CRMs. Use the contact form on our site if you would like to reach us for any reason.

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