Theme Updates

Get the latest information on Outer Gain theme updates here! To update your theme, sign into your website and then click Appearance > Themes and ‘Update’ on the Outer Gain theme.

Version 7.4.0

Team Site Registration

We have fixed bugs with the team site registration system.
Version 7.3.9

New Contact Page

The contact page now has a map feature vs the standard layout. Select field styling tweaked for CF7 forms.
Version 7.3.3-7.3.8

Misc Fixes

We fixed a myriad of small bugs including a blog author bug related to team sites. We also added a new functionality to footer layout 2 which gives the option of a background image.
Version 7.3.2

Links to Young Living Starter Kits Template

Now you have the option of adding additional links to the right of the Young Living Starter Kits page.
Version 7.3.0

All in One SEO Moved

Now the All in One SEO Meta Box stays at the bottom of a page or post vs sitting above other important page editing meta boxes.
Version 7.2.4

Team Site Profile Fix

Fixed a big relating to properly displaying profile images on team sites.
Version 7.2.2

Footer Update: Ability to Disable YL Logo

By default if your business type was set to Young Living, the site placed a YL distributor logo with your member ID on the bottom. There is now an option under Appearance > Outer Gain Settings > Business Settings to disable this.
Version 7.2.1

Savvy Minerals PSK Removal

The Savvy Minerals premium starter kit has been removed by Young Living. We've updated the template file within the Outer Gain theme for our Young Living customers.
Version 7.2.0

Outer Gain YL Product Pages

Added the ability to add custom opening paragraphs to products. Fixed an issue where social icons where still displaying even if disabled in the admin. Corrected CSS class on page width for product pages.
Version 7.1.9

Outer Gain Product Sync

We updated formatting for team profiles and product pages using the Outer Gain Product Sync plugin. This theme update is required to use Outer Gain Product Sync v1.8 and above.
Version 7.1.8

Mobile view bug for page template

Certain page templates were not displaying header images correctly on mobile. This bug has been fixed.
Version 7.1.7

Home CTA Fix & YL ER Page

The Home CTA allowed a negative number for image background size, which broke the formatting. We locked the field in so this doesn't happen by accident. The Young Living ER page needed an update and we also added the ability to add your own customized descriptions for the various sections vs the verbiage we provide.
Version 7.1.6

Scroll Animation

Look for the Animate tab in home page sections to create smooth on-scroll transitions! Sections can fade in from various directions, etc. See the Outer Gain home page for an example.
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