SEO: The Full Scoop

Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on April 11, 2019

A lot of people say a lot of things about search engine optimization (SEO). I decided to shoot a video that talks about how to use keyword phrases to rank your website.


This training was borrowed from Outer Gain University. Outer Gain is a platform for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses online. We provide a highly customizable site, online training and personalized support. All customers have full use of the Follow Hook CRM which helps automate follow-up with prospects and customers!

Kyler Boudreau
Written By
Kyler Boudreau

Kyler is the co-founder of Outer Gain, and the founder of Theater Eleven Pictures and Follow Hook: The Network Marketer’s CRM. He lives with his wife and daughter on the island of Kauai.

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