Quickly Remove All Notifications from Mautic

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on September 27, 2017

If you’ve been using Mautic long, it’s happened to you. A problem with your configuration or a campaign spawns an insane amount of notifications. Clearing them in the admin could take FOREVER.

The good news? It’s easy to quickly remove all notifications from Mautic by clearing a table in your MySQL database. These instructions are from your server’s command line, and are specific to Debian/Ubuntu installations.

Login to MySQL

mysql -u root -p

Enter your password at the prompt to sign in (and adjust the username to whatever your admin user is).

Change to Mautic Database

If you can’t remember the name of your Mautic database, simply type:

show databases;

And from the list you should be able to identify it. Once you’ve done that, tell MySQL to use that database by typing:

use databasename;

View Tables

The name of the table that holds notifications is simply ‘notifications.’ However you may have a prefix in your database. Type in:

show tables;

And look for the notifications table in the list. Once you’ve identified it…

Delete and Recreate the Table

The fastest way to completely empty a table is to simply delete and recreate it.

truncate table tablename;

BOOM! That’s it. If you sign back into Mautic, you’ll see the notifications have been cleared out. This is the fastest way to remove a ton of notifications from Mautic. Enjoy!

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