Outer Gain Communities

Do you need a place to provide discussion and training for your customers and business builders? Until now, Facebook Groups have been the solution. But times are changing!

A Community You Control

Social media platforms have their drawbacks. You know what they are: Censoring of content, members not wanting to participate and a plethora of distractions that all work against your goals.

With an Outer Gain private community you are in full control. Your community is run the way you want it to be run, without a 3rd party swooping in to change things up without your permission.

Organize your people with flexible community groups!

You Own Your Data

Many online communities like Facebook are built on their own proprietary platform that they own, including the content you upload. Outer Gain Communities are built using the ever popular WordPress platform. Each community is a completely separate entity where you own and control all of your data.

Enjoy features like Groups, Messaging, Activity Feeds and More!

The Features You Love

Your Outer Gain Community will have groups, discussion, the like feature, messaging and more! Basically, everything you need to foster a vibrant community for customers and business builders!

Organized Training

If you thought Facebook Group Units were nice, you’re going to love the built in Learning Management System (LMS) that is part of Outer Gain Communities!

Your team will love the integrated LMS for online training!

Easily create courses, lessons and topics. Progress is tracked for each individual which allows them to easily see where they left off. The LMS also allows you many detailed controls like dripped content, access restrictions and more!

Single Sign On

Do you have an existing Outer Gain or WordPress site? We can set your community up to provide single login capabilities so your team members deal with only one username and password.

Upgrade Your Community Today!

With an Outer Gain community you can finally provide a single place for team resources, training and discussion. A place that flexes to your needs without censorship and distraction.

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