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on July 27, 2017

Millions of people are into network marketing. Why? For some it’s about products they can’t get anywhere else. For others it’s about the business.

Consider this: A typical brick and mortar faces staggering startup costs. Most individuals can’t take the risk. Some look into a franchise, only to realize they’re not any better. And even if someone does have the cash to open up a storefront, it has to be manned during business hours. These two factors alone stop most from even thinking about it.

How The Model Works

Before we talk about network marketing sites, let’s clarify the model:  It’s similar to direct sales. Basically, the middle man is removed from the equation. Dell did something similar to revolutionize the computer industry. Many companies work on a manufacturer / distributor / sales rep model. Dell came along and threw out the middle man. Well, at least at one time.

Network marketing is similar to direct sales. It cuts out the middle man. But it also eliminates pricey marketing.

Network marketing combines the distributor and sales roles. But this isn’t even where the brilliance lies IMHO. What’s even better?

Marketing costs are almost eliminated.

Think about how much companies like Dell, Honda and even McDonalds dump into advertising. You’d be shocked to learn that studios like Warner Brothers invest in millions of marketing dollars for a single film. Millions. Since the distributors/sales reps in network marketing are combined, and highly motivated to spread the word, the big dollar advertising is ELIMINATED.

How Do You Stand Out Among The Trees?

So what’s the downside of this marketing model? Uneducated people giving it an unprofessional vibe. Another? Standing out amidst the chatter. You know what I’m talking about, right? How many of your friends involved with a company are plastering all of their social media outlets with images and pitches of their product? And when your other friends buy in… oh man! Suddenly your wall that once showed fun (or boring) updates on your friends and family it now a constant bill board.

So again, what’s the solution?

Niche Down.

It’s a term that we at Outer Gain learned from Planet Perry. At an event in Mauai, someone spoke who had made a million dollars off a user manual for guinea pigs. He’d realized that many guinea pig owners all had similar questions about their pets. He answered them and cashed in. Why? Nobody was serving the niche like he did.

Want to stand out? NICHE DOWN.

So how does this apply to you? Focus on the people, or groups of people you have access to that others may not. Are you a chef? You can market to chefs in a way a doctor cannot. Maybe you love art. Or fishing. Filmmaking? It doesn’t matter. There are people like you out there. Go after them! Even if you’re not identifying a need like the guinea pig manual, you can talk their talk, relate and nurture cold leads to conversion.

Example of what you can do with a network marketing site: Recently I personally relocated to an area near the ocean that had bonefish. I’m an experienced fly fisherman, but not in saltwater and not for bonefish. Guess what I did? Hit up Google. My search led me to a blog post article from a small fly shop in Washington State — not even close to where I live. But the owner has fished for bonefish in my location and wrote about it. I read his information and purchased about $150 worth of merchandise from him on the first order.

That is an example of how to NICHE DOWN. The blog post wasn’t about fly fishing in general. It wasn’t even about fly fishing for bonefish. It was about fly fishing for bonefish on the island of Kauai. Very specific. He rose above the chatter with his website.

Focus on Your USP

Another must before setting up your network marketing site is figuring out your unique selling proposition (USP). This is critical for every business owner. It’s non-optional. If you’re promoting the same vitamins that all of your friends are promoting, why should someone sign up with you? You tackle this by marketing your USP. What’s unique about you? Do you offer “x” in addition to the products that changes the experience? Do you have a vibrant online community they are able to be a part of? Do you have experience that allows you to coach better than others? If you’re going to shine in network marketing, nailing down your USP is imperative.

If you’re going to shine in network marketing, nailing down your USP is imperative.

How To Begin

Let’s say you’ve figured out a killer USP and you’ve niched down with that USP to go after a specific group of people. What’s next? You need an online presence that you can execute from. You’ll need to make use of both social media and a website. Each of these spaces requires a radically different approach, and they are not mutually exclusive.

We think Outer Gain is an exceptional way to launch your network marketing business online. Why? Our sites allow you to be creative and totally unique, while providing a thought out infrastructure so guide you along the way. And it’s not just about a site. We support your efforts in our private support forum, and offer killer online training that helps you not only use your site, but utilize list building, automation, SEO and more!

Team Sites

Do you need a network marketing team site? The Outer Gain Team Plan provides AWESOME team site features. Rich profiles, learning management system (LMS), private KB area and more!

Check out some of the features of Outer Gain, or sign up and let us help you sell beyond your reach.

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