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Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on June 5, 2019

Millions of people are into network marketing. Why?

For some it’s about products they can’t get anywhere else. For others it’s about a business model with low startup costs and recurring revenue.

Think about it… A typical brick and mortar faces staggering financial startup expenses. Most individuals don’t have that type of cash laying around, and even if they do, the ball-and-chain of running a storefront can be a turn-off.

How Network Marketing Works

Network marketing is an incredible business model in that it eliminates the massive expenses of other businesses.

Take Apple for example. Sure, they save money by manufacturing iPhones in China, but they incur gargantuan costs with hundreds of retail stores: Employees, commercial leases, utility bills, insurance requirements… and this doesn’t even touch on marketing costs.

Guess what? Those costs are reflected in the price of every single device we buy from them.

Network marketing is an incredible business model in that it eliminates the massive expenses of other businesses.

A network marketing company is able to focus on two things: Manufacturing quality products and paying their distributors. No retail store fronts. No employee health benefits or 401K. No TV commercials, bill boards or other pricey marketing expenditures. All of this money is available to pay and incentivize people like you and me.

Training is Still Required

Just because it’s a business with low startup costs, it doesn’t change the other core requirements of any company: You need to know how to sell a product, and then nurture customers after the sale.

Many network marketers don’t apply themselves to proper training, and end up plastering social media outlets with product paraphernalia. This ultimately offends friends and fosters a poor stigma of network marketing as a whole. Additionally, those new to sales don’t understand the importance of follow-up after the sale. This too requires training.

Add to the above the fact that there are now many network marketers touting their companies. How does one rise above this type of 24×7 noise?

Perry Marshall

Niche Focus & USP

At a Perry Marshall event in Maui, someone spoke who’d made a million dollars off creating a how-to book for guinea pig owners. The speaker realized that guinea pig owners had similar questions about their pets. So this guy wrote a small book and made a million bucks.

If the author had cranked out a book on dogs, he might not have experienced the same success. He took a broad category – the needs of pet owners – and discovered a niche group with a need.

So how does this apply to you?

You must figure out your unique selling proposition (USP). This is critical for every business owner. It’s non-optional. If you’re promoting the same vitamins that all of your friends are promoting, why should someone sign-up with you?

Tackle this by marketing your USP. What’s unique about you? Do you offer “x” in addition to the products that changes the experience? Do you share like interests? Do you have life experience that gives you a unique approach?

If you’re going to shine in network marketing, nailing down your USP is imperative. Focus on the people, or groups of people you have unique access to based on your life experience.

Taking It Online

An amazing way to reach people with your business is by starting with a website. We say “start’ because simply throwing a site up isn’t enough. You must target key word phrases specific to the people you’re trying to reach. It’s called search engine optimization.

I discuss this more in my SEO: The Full Scoop blog post, but here’s a big take away: People searching online are already in “buy” mode. Unlike social media, where people are just hanging out to have a good time, someone searching via Google is on a mission.

Kauai Fly Fishing Example

Recently my family moved to the island of Kauai. The local reefs had a certain species of fish. And though I’m an experienced fly fisherman, I was clueless when it came to saltwater fly fishing and the local Hawaii game fish population.

So I went to Google.

My search led me to a blog post article from a small fly shop in Washington State — not even close to the island of Kauai. But the owner had fly fished on the Kauai reefs and wrote about it. I read his blog post and ended up purchasing about $150 worth of merchandise from him.

This is an example of how to NICHE DOWN. The blog post wasn’t about fly fishing in general. It wasn’t even about fly fishing for bonefish or trevally in general. It was about fly fishing for a certain fish on the island of Kauai. Very specific and very applicable to me.

He rose above the chatter and cached in.

How To Begin

Let’s say you’ve figured out a killer USP and you’ve niched down to go after a specific group of people. What’s next? You need an online presence that you can execute from.

We think Outer Gain is an exceptional way to launch your network marketing business online. Why? Our sites allow you to be creative and totally unique, and we help your efforts in our private support forum. Plus, Outer Gain University delivers concise, easy-to-follow training on a variety of online marketing topics.

Additionally, we have a team site plan that provides incredible perks for network marketing teams like profiles that can show up in Google search, integrate learning management system (LMS) for team education, and much more!

Check out some of the features of Outer Gain, or sign up today!

Kyler Boudreau
Written By
Kyler Boudreau

Kyler is the co-founder of Outer Gain, and the founder of Theater Eleven Pictures and Follow Hook: The Network Marketer’s CRM. He lives with his wife and daughter on the island of Kauai.

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