Migrate MailPoet from One Site to Another

Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on September 7, 2018

Are you moving to a new WordPress site and noticing that MailPoet data doesn’t show as an option in the WordPress export tool? Don’t worry, it’s relatively painless to do.

Oddly, MailPoet doesn’t provide a way to easily move their data (at least in MailPoet 2). This would be a nice feature, but the good news is a single plugin will do everything you need. Let’s get to it!

Install the ARI Adminer Plugin

The ARI Adminer plugin allows you to quickly move data in and out of your WordPress database. It’s easier than phpMyAdmin and definitely easier than the server command line! The author is ARI Soft. We used it on an untested version of WP with no issues.

*Advice: Backup your database first. We recommend iThemes BackupBuddy.


Export MailPoet Data

The first step in migrating your MailPoet data from one site to another, is to export MailPoet tables via ARI Adminer.

Run the ARI Adminer tool and accept the defaults. Click Export in the top left of the window. Then leave the export settings at default except for the output. Change this to GZIP. If you don’t, the import of the data to the new site will error out.

Now select all of the tables and their data (two checkmarks) that begin with wp_wysiga_. This is your MailPoet data.

*Note: If your WordPress database uses something other than wp_ for table prefix, just look for the wysiga_ tables with your prefix.

Prep New Site for Import

You need to install MailPoet on your new site (same version as old site) and then ARI Adminer. Run the Adminer tool, find all of the _wysija tables in the main screen and drop them. Then choose import on the left, and import your GZIP file under the File Upload section.

BOOM! That’s it! However, let’s say your WordPress site uses a different table prefix. Follow the next step:

Change the Table Names

In Adminer simply click on the table itself, click the alter table link, and then change the table name to the new database prefix in the Table Name field.

Now jump over to MailPoet and you’ll see all of your old data.

Congrats! We told you migrating MailPoet from one site to another was a walk in the park. Thanks for reading, and please refer Outer Gain to any business needing an online marketing solution.

Kyler Boudreau
Written By
Kyler Boudreau

Kyler is the co-founder of Outer Gain, and the founder of Theater Eleven Pictures and Follow Hook: The Network Marketer’s CRM. He lives with his wife and daughter on the island of Kauai.

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