The Importance of Follow-Up

Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on February 5, 2019

So you’ve done it! You’re an entrepreneur of some sort. Maybe you’re a network marketing professional. Or you just raised funding on Kick Starter for an invention. Maybe you’ve been inspired by the likes of Darren Hardy with The Compound Effect, and Eric Worre with Go Pro and you’re ready to change your life.

(Not to mention you’ve chosen Outer Gain as the foundation for your online marketing!)

What you’re about to realize is that managing customer followup is the indisputable key to recurring revenue. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the best products on the planet – If you are not connected to your customers, you will eventually lose them.

The Tale of the Lazy Hunter

Imagine someone decides they want to become a deer hunter. They purchase a bow and spends hours and hours of practice time learning to shoot. Finally they’re ready to hunt. They get a tree stand. Camouflage clothing… The list is endless.

The day of the big hunt arrives! It’s a crisp fall morning as our new hunter ventures deep into the forest. They set up a cold, metal tree stand. Climb up and sip now lukewarm coffee from a steel mug.

They wait. And wait. Hours go by.

Then to our hunter’s delight, a buck steps into the clearing. Quietly the bow string is pulled taunt. The release! An arrow flies. With a stroke of beginner’s luck the hunter hits their target! The deer falters and slumps to the ground! Success!!!

The hunter climbs down and walks over to the deer. They pull out a frigid iPhone and take a selfie for Facebook. Then the hunter packs up and leaves the forest. They leave their trophy deer to rot in the woods.

Wait… What?

Solomon Describes Many Network Marketers

Those of you who have read the book of Proverbs, written by Israel’s famous King Solomon, will recognize this quote from the book:

“A lazy man does not roast his game, but a diligent man prizes his possession.”

King Solomon says our new hunter who left their deer to decay in the forest is LAZY. Why? Because the hunter was only about the kill. They didn’t value their possession; A deer that could have provided food and clothing.

Your job as a network marketer is not to sign people up. Your job is to create loyal customers.

Are you only about the kill? Do you sign people up and then charge off looking for the next?

It’s About More Than The Kill

Your job as a network marketer is not to just sign people up. Your job is to create loyal customers. To give personal attention. That’s where recurring revenue really shines. And to do this, you need a good contact management system. Because what happens with no followup? Customers go inactive.


Then new signups are needed to fill the space, or your monthly check drops. It can be a vicious cycle. Don’t sacrifice the work you did for a signup, just to lose them because you don’t have a good contact management system.

Take Control of Customer Followup

Maybe you’re saying, “I’m not losing many people to an inactive status.”

Awesome! But wait a second…

Even if your customers are not going inactive, is their monthly ordering volume what it could be? Product education equals increased monthly volume. It doesn’t matter how amazing your products are. Most people simply will not research on their own. You need to nurture them. They need product training in small, bite-sized doses.

“But I don’t have enough time.”

We hear you. The double-edged sword of any successful business is the promise of freedom combined with the challenge of follow-up. The more people you enroll, the more people you have to keep up with. This can turn into a stressful schedule really fast.

So what’s the solution to managing customer follow-up as a network marketer?

Follow Hook™

The Network Marketing CRM

Customer resource management (CRM) is a tool that can breath life into your schedule. It’s how you stay on top of the details and manage customer follow-up, all while freeing up your daily schedule.

Follow Hook™ is the simple yet powerful CRM designed by network marketers for network marketers. It’s 100% made in America, and it helps you manage customer follow-up in a network marketing or direct sales business.

And the good news? It’s included for free with all Outer Gain site plans!

Sell Beyond Your Reach

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    Kyler Boudreau
    Written By
    Kyler Boudreau

    Kyler is the co-founder of Outer Gain, and the founder of Theater Eleven Pictures and Follow Hook: The Network Marketer’s CRM. He lives with his wife and daughter on the island of Kauai.

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