In this lesson we’ll create your MailChimp account and setup your list. It’s fast and easy — Let’s get started!

1) Create MailChimp Account

Simply go to this URL:

Fill out the information and click Get Started.


You should see a welcome screen similar to the one below:


Simply click on “I’ll do this later” by each option and then go to your account dashboard. If you’re not prompted to go to your dashboard, click the MailChimp monkey on the top left.

2) View Audience

From your MailChimp dashboard, click on Audience from the top menu. Next click View Contacts. This will display all of your MailChimp contacts. Currently, your email will be the only one listed.

3) Update Contact Information

If you ever need to update contact information in MailChimp, click the down arrow by your name in the top right. Next click Account from the drop-down menu. Go to Settings > Contact Information.

That’s it! Your MailChimp account is configured and ready to use.

Setup MailChimp Account

This lesson quickly walks you through registering your MailChimp account and creating your first list. It’s easy — don’t wait!

Instructor: Kyler Boudreau
Length: 5 minutes