If you’ve followed the lessons so far, you have at least one course, lesson and topic. Now let’s make them work together!

Assign Lessons to a Course

In the past, ordering lessons within a course was a massive pain. The good news? LearnDash has fixed this with their new Course Builder feature. Why do you need to know this? There are options within a lesson that still reference the old way of ordering lessons. Don’t use them. The Course Builder is the ticket.

If you don’t see the course builder option, you could have an old version of LearnDash installed. Simply open a support request and we’ll get you updated!

Enable Lesson Sharing

Another feature of the Course Builder is the ability to use a lesson in more than one course. MASSIVE time saver! The feature is turned off by default.

1) Sign into your WP-Admin and look for LearnDash LMS on the left hand side (near the bottom).

2) Under LearnDash LMS click Courses.

3) Click the Course Options tab near the top of the screen.

4) Make sure both the Course Builder Interface and Shared Course Steps are enabled.

Assign Lesson(s) to Course

Next let’s assign your new lesson(s) to the respective course.

1) Still under Courses click the Courses tab and edit your course.

2) Scroll down to the LearnDash Course Builder section.

3) Simply locate your lesson on the left hand side. Then drag it over to the Drop Lessons Here section on the right.

4) Drag as many lessons as you want, and you can reorder them in the same fashion.

5) Click Update on the top right. That’s it!

Assign Topics to a Lesson

Assigning topics is almost identical to the process of assigning lessons to a course. Also, topics are only assigned to lessons in the Course Builder. They are not tied to a lesson itself. Meaning, if you use a lesson in more than one course, you’ll have to associate the topics in both places.

1) Click Courses under LearnDash in your admin.

2) Edit the course you want to assign topics to a lesson in.

3) Scroll back down to the LearnDash Course Builder section.

4) Click the arrow to the right of a lesson already assigned to the course.

5) Drag your topic to the pink area beneath the lesson.

6) Click update!

7) Now view your lesson to see the topic(s) you’ve added.

And it really is that easy. Trust us – be glad you didn’t setup LearnDash the old way! The course builder makes life a breeze.

Include Lessons & Topics in Courses