Hey! Welcome to another lesson at Outer Gain University. We decided to do this lesson in text and screen shot format. If you like this method better than the videos, let us know at admin@outergain.com.

MailChimp Groups

MailChimp Groups allow you to have one master list with groups that organize your people. Opt-in forms on your site can be configured to add people to a specific group. So everyone is in one list, but can be a member of multiple groups.

MailChimp Segments

Segments allow you to segment your list in ways beyond the capabilities of groups. Example, let’s say you create a nutrition group in MailChimp. But then you wanted to send an email to everyone in the nutrition group who had opted in in the last 3 months.

This is where segments come into play. You’d simply create a new segment and specify everyone in the nutrition group who were added after a specific date. And that’s just the beginning. Segments offer crazy amounts of options to filter your main list and send targeted, effective communications.

Today’s Lesson

In this lesson, we’re going to create a group called Marketing Tips that will contain people who opt in on the Outer Gain website. We’re also planning on importing existing users from another platform, so we’ll set a date in our new segment to ensure existing people don’t receive the marketing tips emails we send all over again.

So let’s get going – sign into your MailChimp account.

Create New Group

1) Go to Lists > Audience > Manage Audience

2) Click Manage Contacts > Groups

3) Click on the ‘Create Groups’ button.

4) Choose “As checkboxes (people can select more than one).”

5) Give the group a category and specify a minimum of one new group. For this example, we’ll create a Potential Customers category and a Marketing Tips group. Once done click Save.

6) Click Done for Now.

Cool! First group created. Easy right?

Create New Segment(s)

1) Go to Lists > Edit Your List > Manage Contacts > Segments.

2) Click Create Segment.

*Note: creating a static segment is only for a list of email addresses that you’ll manually import and/or add that will never be added to automatically from your website. Typically, you’ll not be using a static segment. Just click the Create Segment button instead.

3) We’re going to create a segment for new opt-ins off our website. Settings explained:

The first line tells MailChimp to only include contacts in this segment that match ALL of the criteria. In the first field we choose our new category, then one of, then the group we just created. Clicking Add allows us to then set the date criteria.

4) Click Preview Segment. If you get the Goose egg, ignore. Click Save as segment from the top right menu.

5) On the Save Segment save box, make sure Auto Update is checked. We also recommend giving your segment a name that quickly reminds you what it is.

Congrats! Now you have a new Group and Segment ready to head on into Automation. We’ll see you there!

Create MailChimp Groups & Segments

If you have questions about MailChimp Segments and Groups, simply hop over to Outer Gain Support as we’re here to help! Automation is a key ingredient to your online marketing success and selling beyond your reach!