Note: These instructions are only when not using Follow Hook with MailChimp. It is much easier to integrate using the Follow Hook CRM which is included with every Outer Gain site. Please let us know in Outer Gain Support if you need help configuring Follow Hook. Thank you!

Send Subscribers to Your Group!

MailChimp forms will not send to specific groups on your list by default. So if you’ve created groups in your list, and want specific forms to automatically add subscribers to a group, this lesson will show you how. These instructions are for creating an embedded form for your Outer Gain site.

Let’s get started:

1) In MailChimp click Lists at the top. Edit your list.

2) Click Signup forms.

3) Select Embedded Forms and then Naked.

4) Select the same options shown below (unless you want other things specifically).

5) Select and copy the code for the form (you might need to scroll down to see the code box). And then paste in the code on your Outer Gain site. To select all the code do Ctrl+A (Windows) Cmd+A (Mac). To Copy the highlighted code do Ctrl+C and Cmd+C respectively.

When pasting MailChimp code onto your site, you must click on the Text tab on the top right of the content box before pasting the code in. This tells WordPress to look at it as code. Example: In this scenario, we’re using this form on the bottom of the Outer Gain site. So we navigate to Appearance > Outer Gain Settings > Footer > Opt-in tab. Then we click the Text tab and paste the code in.

6) Edit your form to hide the group options, but automatically add them to the correct group. This part can seem a little scary because you have to edit code. But it’s not hard, just follow the instructions. If you need assistance, ask us for help at Outer Gain support.

Don’t be overwhelmed here. You don’t have to sort through all the code. Simply use Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) to find a word in the code. Your browser will highlight the word you’re looking for on the page.

A) Look at the code you just pasted into your website. Find the area that says input-group (see orange highlight below). Directly after the <div part of that same line, type in style=”display:none” (see blue highlight below). Don’t run anything together.

B) Now look for the <input> tag in this same area next to the group you want to add subscribers to. Simply add the word checked just before the closing bracket (greater than sign) that’s right before the <label section.

7. Remove the Email label over the field (if desired). Most of the time we don’t like to waste space with field labels on forms, but by default MailChimp will add one. To remove (These instructions also apply to any other field in your form):

  • Find the field label (example shown in blue below) and remove everything from <label for=”mce to the closing </label>.
  • Next add a label within the field. Add in placeholder=”your@email” directly before the value=”” part of the email field line (see orange highlight below).

8. Your LAST step is to rename the Subscribe button.

This is a subtle marketing tip, but using words that give the action to the person is not as good as claiming the action. Meaning, never say “Subscribe” on a button, but instead say something like “Add Me!” This tells the person you’re ready to serve them. It’s a subconscious thing, but it’s something we pay attention to at Outer Gain.

Search for submit in your the form code. Look for a value option and here change the wording. Easy!

Congrats! Once you save the form code you just pasted in, you have a form on your Outer Gain site that’s ready to send people who opt-in into the correct group. Now you’re ready for automation!

Create MailChimp Form for Group

If you have questions about MailChimp Groups, simply hop over to Outer Gain Support as we’re here to help! Automation is a key ingredient to your online marketing success and selling beyond your reach!