You’ve created at least one course (if not see the previous lesson) and now you’re ready to…

Create a Lesson

1) Sign into your WP-Admin and look for LearnDash LMS on the left hand side (near the bottom).

2) Under LearnDash LMS click Lessons.

3) Click the Add New button near the top of the screen.

4) Title your lesson.

5) Add content! The content can be text, images or video. For videos, be sure to upload to YouTube or Vimeo and then use the share link to add to your lesson. Uploading a video directly to your site will mean SLOW playback.

*You’ll notice our non-video content lessons feature images that are wider than the text. You can accomplish this by using short codes in the formatting of your lesson. Entering blog-thin (in brackets) YOUR TEXT… and /blog-thin (also in brackets) it makes your text area thin.

You’d need to do this around each text section, but not around the images you embed. Additionally, if you’d like to do a tip box, use shortcode blog-tip YOUR TIP… /blog-tip. If you want thinner formatting us blog-tip-thin and /blog-tip-thin.

Here’s a visual from our lesson since we can’t show you exactly without incurring the formatting here:

6) Fill out the Education – Lessons meta box. The fields are pretty self explanatory. The contents appear on the lesson page.

7) The Lesson meta box contains further settings that are not required, but could be applicable. Things like a forced lesson timer, a specific amount of time that needs to pass before the lesson is viewable (drip feeding content), etc.

Create a Topic

You can have topics under lessons, and they’re easy to add!

1) Under LearnDash LMS on the left, click Topics.

2) Give the topic a title and content. Basically, everything that you learned about adding a lesson above applies here.

3) You’ll assign the topic in our next lesson!

NICE! With a course, lesson and topic created we just need to sync them together. See the next lesson to continue!

Create a Lesson & Topic