You’re ready to setup online training. NICE! You’re going to love it. So without further ado…

Create Your Course

1) Sign into your WP-Admin and look for LearnDash LMS on the left hand side (near the bottom).

2) Under LearnDash LMS click Courses.

3) Click the Add New button near the top of the screen.

4) Title your course.

*Tip: This is one place SEO doesn’t come into play (if you’re setting up private training). Give the course a brief name that makes sense for your students/customers/team.

5) In the main content area, give the course a short description. You can even paste in the link to a Vimeo or YouTube video here, if that’s how you’d like to intro the course.

6) Scroll down to the Course meta box.

7) Place a check in Disable Lesson Progression. Unless you want this feature. Lesson progression requires students to watch the lessons in order, without skipping ahead. Sometimes this is important. Other times it’s just an idealistic option that frustrates students.

There are other settings in this area we won’t cover in this lesson. Most of them you’ll not need to change unless you’re after specific features. You can ask us for assistance in Outer Gain Support forum.

8) Don’t worry about Sort Lesson By or Sort Lesson Direction. These are retro options that LearnDash has moved away from with their new Course Builder feature.

9) On the right side of the settings page look for Featured Image. Upload an image for your course here.

We recommend an image size of 700×430 here. You need to keep your images the same size for the course summary page to look clean and uniform. If you’re not sure how to size an image, it’s not hard! Watch our OGU Sizing and Cropping Images lesson to learn how to do it in seconds.

10) Publish your course.

BOOYAH. You’ve just setup your first course. Nicely done. It get’s more exciting from here!

Create a Course