Outer Gain Theme Updates

1 – update the version no. in theme’s main style.css file
2 – zip up theme just like zipping up a plugin.
3 – upload zipped theme to data.outergain.com/public_html/plugin_updates
4- also in plugin_updates folder you’ll find a .json file named outer-gain.json, edit that file by updating the version no. and re-upload it.

that’s it, then you just go to any of the sites that have the theme installed and click on updates or update theme link
of course, you’ll have to update the outer_gain-engine plugin first since it contains the theme updater code

if you look here:


see that there is the normal “updates” link under the dashboard menu in top left of the wp-admin page….then right under the “updates” link, there’s a new “update theme” link….both can be used to update the outer gain theme, but if you want to backup the old theme before overwriting it, then use the “update theme” link instead of the update link and it saves a backup before updating it