Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Outer Gain?

Let’s cut to the chase. We’re not the only option out there. So why use us? Personal attention is the answer. Is an Outer Gain website awesome? Holy crap yes. Is our online university the best out there? We sure think so. But what surpasses both of those is our dedication to helping you succeed. When Outer Gain site owners post in our private support forum, we answer. We even do free coding to enable new features. We listen to feedback and quickly fix bugs. You’ll not find a more complete, comprehensive site, training and support solution out there.

Why Should I Trust Outer Gain?

Great question. You should be asking this about any online marketing company you use. Our answer: we have collectively worked for many years for small, medium and large companies supporting all types of website and marketing related efforts. Our founders have personally sat under the teachings of marketing tycoons like Perry Marshall, Richard Brooke, James Malinchak, Darren Hardy, Bryan Tracy,  and more. We’ve created websites for scores of companies, and we’ve performed detailed SEO work to help many businesses hit page one in Google search. We’ve packaged our knowledge and experience into a product that will save you time in your online marketing efforts.

Is Outer Gain Associated with Young Living?

No. Sandi Boudreau, one of our founders, is a Crown Diamond level executive in Young Living. Her vast experience with network marketing has made us what we are. But Outer Gain is not officially associated with Young Living in any way. However, we do offer specific insights and perks for Young Living distributors like the Product Sync and Farm Sync plugin.

Are these replicated websites?

No. Replicated websites are cranked out with the same information, and typically don’t allow for much customization. Some even have page and blog post count restrictions! At Outer Gain we believe in freedom. The freedom to be unique, creative and HUGE! Each Outer Gain site isn’t part of a big replicated system. No, your site is separate from everyone else. It’s all about you. And your creative options are limitless.

Can I Add New Pages and Content?

Definitely. As mentioned above, we believe in freedom without limits. Add as many pages and blog posts as you want! Plus, we’ve designed some killer page templates to allow you to easily make squeeze pages, product pages and even FAQ pages like the one you’re reading right now! Did you know that was designed with the same Outer Gain site you’ll receive? We know… you can’t wait.

Is it REAL WordPress? Can I add plugins?

You bet. If you’ve looked at other replicated website solutions, you may have noticed that WordPress is locked down, which limits the power of your site. We let you harness the features available in WordPress. Want to sell online with Woo Commerce? Go for it. Want to add a plugin to sell tickets to events? You can do that too.

Can I Use My Own Domain Name?

Yes! In fact, you have to. Your Outer Gain site is your own, completely independent website. So bring that domain name and let’s go!

Do Outer Gain sites look good on mobile?

Definitely! The industry term is called “responsive” and it means a website adjusts to the device it’s being viewed on. Your Outer Gain site will look beautiful on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Do you provide training?

Yes. Each Outer Gain plan includes access to Outer Gain University, which features how-to videos to quickly familiarize new site owners with the easy-to-use backend, along with education on websites, SEO, online marketing, social media and more!

Do you provide support?

Oh yes! Your Outer Gain site includes access to the private support forum that is monitored by our staff. You also have access to ongoing training to help you maximize your online presence.

Who owns my content?

You do. It’s 100% yours! Outer Gain is different than replicated site solutions. Your specific Outer Gain website is separate from the others. They’re not all tied together under the hood. So whatever you upload and post is only on your site, and it remains your content and is owned only by you. We have zero ownership in what you write, add or upload.

Can I upgrade to the team plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at a later date. If you choose to upgrade to the Team Site later, there is a one time $50 charge to cover work involved in doing the conversion.

What is the Outer Gain site created with?

The same site you’ll receive! If our solution rocks the house like we say it does, then it should meet all of our needs right? Everything you see on our main Outer Gain can be created on your own site too. Pretty sweet right? But don’t limit yourself to what we’ve done. Push on!

Where are your sites hosted?

We host them on dedicated servers in sunny California! For those of you that are tech heads, our servers are not on shared hosting or some type of VPS. They’re on cold steel powered with Xeon processors, 32GB of RAM, SSD drives and hardware RAID. If none of that made sense to you, that’s okay. Just know that Outer Gain sites will be very fast!