Outer Gain DesignX

Your Outer Gain site gives you a lot of control. But with great control comes great responsibility.

If you’d rather not spend your valuable time trying to create the look and feel you’re after, we now have a solution!

Announcing Outer Gain’s DesignX Service!

What is DesignX?

It’s the first of a series of professional add-on services we’re offering our customers.

DesignX is all about the look of your website — Specifically your home page. You pay us a one time fee to make your home page look the way you want it to. Whether that’s something you’re dreaming up, or another site that you like. We take it from there!

There are only a couple rules:

  1. The DesignX service doesn’t mean we create logos or videos for you. This is something you’ll have to do or have done.
  2. We can’t mimic the design of another site precisely, as that could cause copyright infringement. However, many site designs can be closely modeled, especially if the industry isn’t the same.

How To Get Started

DesignX costs $197. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you once we verify what you’re after is possible for the fee.

If you aren’t happy with the redesign that we accomplish, we’ll put your site back to how it was, and refund your money. We’re confident that you will love our work!

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