Converting Site Visitors

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on February 24, 2017

Why even have a website? Because you’re after conversion. What’s conversion? It happens when someone visits your site, and decides to either give you their contact information or purchase a product or service.

Everything Points to Your Site

When working with online marketing, you should have one primary focus. What is it? Get people to your website. When you’re posting on Facebook, tweeting or sharing on Pinterest, this is your ultimate goal. Your site is your ‘store front’ that you need people to come to. It’s where you do business. It’s where you get them to convert.

The Conversion Process

If you tweet and a random person visits your site, that’s great, but it does nothing for you. Many sites receive visitors every day who “bounce” on to something else. Your website should capture a visitor’s attention so they take action by either signing up for your service, purchasing product or at a minimum, an opt in to your list.

So how is that done? With great landing pages.

Let’s say you tweet about a product from your network marketing company, and someone visits your website by clicking on a link you included in your tweet. What happens next? They open the linked page, and within 2-3 seconds decide to stay or read more. This means you need to have the right imagery and content to make them stay. If they stay, you also need a call to action button that makes them do something, whether it be sign up with Young Living or give you their information.

A & B Testing

Have you heard of A and B split testing? Even the best online marketers out there don’t always get it right. So take the tweet example above: if you create two different landing pages, and send some people to one, and some to another, you can then measure conversion rates (with things like Google Analytics).

Outer Gain Delivers

Having a professional site is good — it’s your foundation. But it takes more to make the magic happen. You can have the most beautiful, informative site on the planet, but if it’s not converting, it’s a waste of time and money.

The good news is that with Outer Gain, you have the foundation, training and support to make those dreams come true!  We’re here to help with extensive online experience.

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