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on January 19, 2017

You’re all excited about a shiny new website and rush to a domain registrar (such as Outer Gain Domains) to grab a domain name. But as your cursor blinks in the domain name search field, you begin to wonder what name you should choose. We recommend taking a few, because this is an extremely important decision.

The First Thing People See

Why is choosing a domain name so important? Because your choice on a domain name will impact the effectiveness of your online marketing. Why? It’s the first thing people see or hear before viewing your actual website.

Your choice on a domain name can impact the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Example: If you meet someone at the coffee shop and they say, “Check out my website, it’s” you instantly know (to some degree) what their site is about. In fact, it’s going to partially form your opinion as to whether you even want to spend 5 minutes checking their site out.

Determine Your USP

Let’s say you’re a network marketing professional with Young Living and you need a website to grow. Great! However, is Young Living truly what you want to dedicate your site to? Is that the best way to connect with potential customers? Maybe it is… but maybe it isn’t at all.

It’s okay to make your domain name essential oils related, but a lot of people are doing that. What sets you apart? What’s your USP? Why should someone choose you over another Young Living distributor? Do you love fitness? Are you a mom or dad? A chef? An astronaut? Figure out what you’re passionate about in life and make that your USP. Then connect with people in that niche market.

Figure out what you’re passionate about, and connect with people in that niche market.

If you’re not clear on a USP right now, another safe way to go is simply If your site is simply your name, you have complete freedom to talk about and blog about anything under the sun. You can talk about oils, movies, baking or  fly fishing. Whatever!

Some ask us if they can change their domain name later. Yes, you can, but there can be consequences to if not handled properly. Google ranks your site tied to the domain name. If you change domains, and don’t make the transition correctly, it can impact your ranking in Google search.

In Summary

If you want a site dedicated to your specific business, like essential oils, it’s totally fine to have a domain name that reflects this. But if you’re interested in reaching people in other ways, your name or a name related to your USP is a killer way to go.

Happy choosing!

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