Add Emails to an Existing Mautic Campaign

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on August 19, 2017

If you’re like us, you change or add to your email campaigns. Sometimes quite often. By default, Mautic (as of v2.9.2) will not send the new emails you add to the people who are already active in the campaign. New contacts will receive everything, but existing leads will not. This scenario didn’t work for us, as we needed the ability to continue to add emails to our existing Mautic campaigns.

Thanks to the Third Set Reset Bundle, there’s a solution!

Third Set Mautic Reset Bundle

This plugin allows you to send contacts through a campaign multiple times. By default this still doesn’t work, because if you send contacts back through a campaign, they’ll receive all of the original emails AGAIN. But don’t worry, Mautic allows you to work around this. So let’s get this setup on your Mautic installation!

SIGN OUT of Mautic before executing the following:

1) Click the link below, then click Clone or Download and download the ZIP file.

2) Unzip the file and copy the resulting folder to the plugins folder in your Mautic installation.

3) Delete your cache (app/cache/prod) files. You can literally delete the entire prod folder.

4) Sign in to Mautic, and click on the top right gear icon.

5) Click Plugins.

6) Click the top right Install/Upgrade Plugins button. You should see the Reset plugin.

Mautic reset plugin

*If you don’t see the plugin, sign out of Mautic, toast the cache and then sign back in and click the install/update plugins button again.

Add Reset Tag to Contacts

The plugin works by looking for a tag in a contact, and then resetting the campaign for that contact based on the specific tag. The tag must be in the format of ‘reset_CAMPAIGN-ID-NUMBER.’ When you edit your Mautic campaign, if you look at the URL, you’ll the see the ID number. If the number is 2, your tag will look like:


Now you need to add this specific tag to your contacts in the campaign:

1) Edit your campaign.

2) Add an action based off the very first segment or form launcher.

3) Name your action, set it to run immediately. Place your tag in the Add tags field. Again, make sure this is using the ID of the campaign. Click update.

Mautic: modify tags action

Set Campaign Email Type

At this point, if you run the reset command, all of your contacts would receive every email in the campaign all over again. Let’s fix that: You don’t need to modify the emails themselves, but simply specify the email type for each email send in your campaign.

Make sure the email is set to Marketing vs Transactional. Marketing emails are only sent to a contact one time. Period. So when the contacts are reset and sent back through the campaign, they will not receive duplicate emails.

Run The Reset Trigger

That’s it! Now you’re ready to run the reset trigger. Access a command line via SSH. Navigate to the folder your mautic installation is contained within, and type the following command:

php app/console mautic:campaigns:process_resets

This will only work from within the Mautic installation folder. It will show you the number of contacts and events deleted.

Now type in:

run-parts /etc/cron.daily


Now you’re in business. Now you know how to effectively add emails to an existing campaign! Eventually, Mautic may incorporate this into the product, but until now this allows for you to get you campaigns active and continue to grow them!

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    1. Hey man – you’re welcome! I know the feeling. Wish they’d build this in for an easier method, but they have a lot on their plate.

  1. Hello Kyler,

    Thanks for this post. I tried the steps you wrote above, but when I run the cron job, I was getting the following error:

    Command “mautic:campaigns:process_resets” is not defined.

    Please what am I doing wrong?

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